Seeking Talent

We're constantly looking for talented people. Can you design websites? Do you know several computer languages? Are you great with business ideas? Are you a college student? Do you want to work from home? These are some of the questions we hope you answered yes to! Although we don't currently have any full-time openings, we welcome resume submissions.

Open Positions

Job Title: Science and technology writer

Job Vacancy Period January 10, 2020 - March 4, 2020

We're looking for unique people that want to write about science and tech stuff. Storm Sector, LLC is seeking entry-level undergraduate or graduate students that have a major in a science or technology field and enjoy writing about current news topics, trends, and research reports. We have several clients that would like enthusiastic people with knowledge of the subject matter to write articles for them.


-All applicants must be US Citizens at least 18 years of age or older. Storm Sector, LLC welcomes all qualified candidates to apply for this position. We will review your knowledge, skills, and abilities to determine if you're a good fit. You must supply official documentation that proves your identity, if you are selected to proceed with an interview. -All applicants must pass a criminal background check.

Demonstrated subject matter expertise as demonstrated by transcripts, writing samples, and or professional reference recommendations

Demonstrated successful student that maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher overall

-A major in a science or technology field. Examples can include: earth science, meteorology, astronomy, chemistry, biology, medical science, paramedicine, computer science, information technology, computer programming, web development, electrical engineering, electronics, hydrology, environmental science, public health, epidemiology, space science, physics, and more. Your major must be indicated on your official college transcript(s).

-Ability to follow instructions, procedures, and communicate effectively

-Ability to follow fast-pace story deadlines, write professional content, correct grammar, spelling, use sound science (avoid misleading stories and data), and command of technical vocabulary

-Writers must have their own professional word processing software (Microsoft Office Word, etc.) to format/write articles for submission/approval

-Writers must have a working desktop/laptop with a firewall and antivirus software title installed

-Writers must have a home high speed internet connection to communicate/send articles in for approval and publishment process

-Writers will be required to sign confidentiality agreement for data security

-Writers must work with the site director and editors for editing, approval, and revisions

-Writers must operate ethically, ensuring articles are based on sound science, professional, respectful, and accurate

-It's considered a plus to have your own DSLR camera, photo editing software, etc. We may select certain people and provide them with an official press/news media company badge to serve as journalists in a media capacity.

-Priority will be given to candidates with demonstrated professional science/tech writing experience and/or an advanced accredited degree (Master or Doctorate-level) in a closely related science or technology field


-Possibility of college credit in select cases with approval/written agreement from your college or university program

-List us on your Resume to develop your career path

-Network with other science and tech people

-Get published on credible websites and distributed around the world

-Select stories may be picked up by major news outlets

-Gain valuable science and technology knowledge

-Both paid and volunteer positions are available

-Simple 1099-based independent contractor pay (for paid positions), which is paid biweekly

-Pay rate is contracted, based on experience and education, for paid positions

P-aid positions eligible for hourly pay or pay per article

-Possible cash and gift bonuses for progressive work, high-quality and thorough articles

-Ability to work from home (remote/online)

-Possible expenses paid for advanced writers. We reserve the right to promote select people, increase pay, pay for travel, training, computer, and other expenses, as an added benefit for select writers.

To Apply

To expedite the application process, send us your resume, and a cover letter explaining why you think you're a good fit for this opening with at least 3 professional references in it to . Professional references may include previous/current job managers, professors, teachers, etc. If you have a website or blog, please provide us a link to it. If you have writing experience, we would also like to see a link to examples of your writing (provide links). You may also submit a word document, if you have not been published on any official news website, magazine, etc. Documents sent to us must be in either Microsoft Word or PDF file format. No other document types will be accepted. You may also submit your unofficial transcripts that meet/exceed the above requirements. Until you are officially selected for an interview, we do not require any further information. Please allow ample time for any responses.

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