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Certified Tech Support Expertise

Today's businesses are driven by complex hardware, software, and network systems. Our experts focus on information security, streamlined procedures, best configuration of desktop systems, and employee training to maximize business efficiency, effectiveness, and return on investment. We can design, install, configure, modify, and audit your hardware and software resources. We also offer critical employee training to ensure your corporate data remains secure.

Tech Consulting

Technology can make or break your business. Successful companies hire experts to plan, implement, and maintain their technology assets. It's also important to regularly audit and modify your technology roadmap, increase your efficiency, reduce operating cost, and maximize your financial return. Smart technology can dramatically increase your capacity to produce goods and services. We offer hourly, monthly, and by the project consulting packages for all areas of information and communications technology.

  • Operating Procedure Development
  • Efficiency Audit and Proposals
  • Firmware & Bug Testing
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Desktop Systems, Networks, Servers: Install, Deployment, Support
  • Information Security & Corporate Security Audits
  • Internet of Things Design & Development
  • Science and Tech Industry Expertise
  • Corporate Hardware & Software Training
  • Trade Show Expertise
  • Motion Picture Resources
  • Science Research Projects

Information Security

Businesses depend on secure communication and data storage. Whether you store data in-house or at another location, you'll need to ensure your employees and equipment maintain a standard of data security. Most security risks can be either reduced or eliminated. Part of a secure operation also includes a process of regular backup and disaster management. Make sure your operation reduces security risk and has a process to deal with potential breaches. This is important for your financial stability as well as the security of your customer data.

We can help you maintain a secure operation, improve security procedures, audit existing infrastructure, and even perform penetration testing. Many companies are now hiring experts to give short presentations where employees are educated about relevant information security issues and risks they can potentially reduce. Check out our employee training services below. Information security is now one of the most important issues for all established businesses.

Network & Server Support

We provide a full range of network and server support solutions. Nearly every business uses network communications and server resources. We can install, configure, upgrade, and troubleshoot data servers, RAID arrays, web and email servers, wireless network equipment, mobile data systems, and even cut network cable to custom length for modern office design cable management layouts. Our certified IT experts welcome small and large business clients.

Desktop Systems

Storm Sector certified computer experts can work with you to deploy cost-effective, efficient, durable workstations for your entire office. We can also install, configure, and repair most desktop and laptop systems. We'll work with you to ensure you have a great plan, great pricing, and great technical resources to keep your business running smoothly. Be sure to ask about our less-is-more PC systems, custom computers designed to give you maximum desk workspace, can be hidden in walls, and cost half the price of similar desktop computers.

Science & Tech Consulting

Most of the science and technology industries involve extensive use of computer, software, and hardware resources. This means you need powerful computing power, durable systems, secure data, a standard operating procedure, equipment roadmap, disaster plan, and technical support resources. We work with businesses of any size to bridge technical knowledge with scientific expertise. Our staff offers high-level graduate degree scientist resources with decades of experience in diverse industries. We can help you with your research needs, operation technical resources, employee training, and even consulting for motion picture industries (designing scientifically accurate sets, scenes, etc.).

Employee Training & Trade Shows

Employee training services are designed to engage, inform, and motivate your employees on a wide variety of today's important workplace topics. For example, we provide a 2-hour presentation on information security that will introduce workers to in-house data security issues as well as how to reduce risks. Employees will learn about hacking, adequate passwords, installing harmful software, authentication, secure file deletion, and social phishing - each of these things could destroy your business. This important educational session is taught by industry professionals and is critical to reducing financial and legal risk for any successful company.

Trade shows are often an opportunity to show off a product or service. For-hire subject matter expertise is available for the following topics/subjects: information security, best operating practices for corporate workstations, meteorology, disaster preparedness, higher education, internet security, computer applications, environmental health, earth science, climatology, severe weather forecasting, web development, public health, wireless communications, consumer electronics, international travel, and business operations.

We're Ready for Your Challenge

Storm Sector offers some of the most unique, extensive, and diverse science and technology expertise. Our staff includes high-level advanced education, multiple industry certifications, decades of experience, a huge variety of in-house and third-party technical resources, and excellent feedback from our existing clients.

We're ready to work with you on your next challenge. Get affordable rates, including per project, per day, and hourly rates. Contact us for more information.