Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We receive numerous questions about our websites and services. To more quickly answer the most common questions we get, we made this page. Before contacting us, please look through these frequently asked questions to try and find an answer. If you haven't found the answer to your question, you're welcome to contact us on the contact page.

We accept cash, Visa, Master, business checks, and PayPal payments.

We offer pricing at flat rates, by the project, day, and hourly rates. Contact us for custom pricing.

Online (intellectual) services are generally tax free. However, we may collect taxes for some services that are specifically ordered from a Florida address. Services ordered from any other state outside of Florida generally do not require us to collect tax. Our transaction vendors and payment resources may require tax collection at the time of the purchase.

We offer telecommute services (remote) and we can travel to your location. There may be limitations, depending on the hosting country. Contact us if you're outside of the US and are interested in our services.

We use the latest industry standard software titles for desktop, network, servers, media production, and web development. For photography and video, we utilize high-quality imaging equipment, lenses, and high-definition video devices. We also regularly use high-quality scientific instruments for measurement and technical analysis of power, electronic devices, networks, and the environment (air). We have a wide variety of top software tools to get the job done efficiently and quickly.

We can deliver software, video, and graphics either digitally or by regular mail. Some products or services are delivered via a third-party. A delivery method is specified during the contract/order phase of a project or service request. We can also send an email confirmation, which will also confirm delivery method. Be sure that the address (email and regular mail) that you give us is accurate.

We've worked on small and large projects. A basic website can be up in a matter of minutes. More complex websites may take hours, days, weeks, even months. The average small business owner, while working with us, could have a properly configured new domain and website within 24 hours! That's fast!

We do not offer in-house hosting services. All of our hosting services use a third-party vendor. However, we have predetermined agreements with several providers to get you a good rate and we work with you to do all of the technical work. Hosting is the service that keeps your data and translates your domain name ( into a useful website. Plans are very budget-minded and we typically handle all of the technical configuration and upkeep for our clients. We can have your site up quickly.

Yes, however, this service is limited due to other staffing priorities. Typically, small businesses request this type of graphic design service when they have no company logo to use on their website. A company logo allows someone to identify your product or service with an image.

No. We do not offer wedding photography services.

In general, you must sign a release for all images and video content. This is mostly because of copyright laws and artwork. This is mandatory, especially for print services.

In general, we require a client to sign a basic contract. The purpose of the contract is to clearly state and agree to the project and payment details. Contracts ensure work gets done and workers get paid on-time. We offer some of the best rates because of our full-stack expertise. You must be at least 18 years old to sign a contract (or parent/guardian must sign).

We offer technical support for our current and select clients only. We do not offer technical support for products that are reviewed on our websites or in our magazines. If you see a product on one of our websites and need support, contact the product manufacturer. If you're a business, you can check out our IT services page.

Our transactions are handled through third-party major vendors, such as Visa and PayPal. They use secured encrypted servers to ensure your data is safe. See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further details.

You can usually flag a post on one of our forums and a moderator or administrator may review it. We regularly monitor our forums on all Storm Sector-managed sites. If your issue has not been resolved, please go to our contact page and select moderator under the subject box. A moderator may review your request and take action, if needed. See our Terms of Service for more details.

Intellectual property (IP) is basically something you create, which can include personas, artwork, software, websites, logos, and other things created with your mind! We specialized in developing, producing, and promoting various forms of IP works.

If you have a DMCA or otherwise copyright issue with one of our forums, websites, user submitted photos, videos, or other content, there is a process you must follow. Please go to our Terms of Service page for instructions regarding copyright issues.

We're looking for unique software ideas, online marketing, promotional, and electronics inventions. If you think you might have a product or idea for investors, contact us and provide as much information as you can.

If you are a company with a product or service that seeks promotion or wants to partner or provide a sponsorship to one or more of our sites or clients, you should contact us with the details of your product or service as well as your full contact information. We're very interested in unique apps, consumer electronics, sports products, video equipment, outdoor products, clothing, emergency power products, and other unique consumer products and services. We have a large potential reach for your product or service, integrating it into unique digital media content, both articles, videos, and banners. Contact us for more information.

We regularly look for new talent. Our job openings are listed on our careers page. Select students can also gain great experience and references through our internship program. College students may receive credit towards a course or degree. Credit must be arranged (agreed/determined) between the academic institution and Storm Sector, LLC management. We're also developing a special internship program for select homeschool and high school students (limited access program). See our careers page.

We may select an individual for special projects, including social media influencing, product promotion, sponsorships, photo shoots, crew for video production, and other people on a case-by-case basis. We look for people that have something unique to offer and that are highly marketable. Contact us for more information.

Please see our contact page for questions about our services, pricing, support, moderators, websites, etc. Note that current clients receive priority over all other inquiries. Expect a delay in response during peak project periods.

To cut down on cost, we operate most of our business online. For security reasons our office location is not open to the public. Our website is the best place to find information, make requests, and get in contact with us regarding any issues or questions you have. We do have corporate spaces for meetings or production events - available by request.

Special Notes & Venue Access

Authorized Storm Sector staff may operate in a press capacity to cover events, assignments, or may require access to venues for projects. Clients must make sure our staff members have venue access including any necessary credentials. Our staff members must carry official identification at all times. To check the status of an Storm Sector staff member, click here. (Unauthorized access and use of information here or false identification is a felony punishable by law.) Clients must work with our staff members regarding access to locations including securing any potentially aggressive animals before staff arrival. We reserve the right to deny any client service.

Need More Information?

Please contact us for specific information on pricing, discounts, professional consulting, project estimates, photography, video, writing, web development services, our staff, contributors, moderators, website content, or other questions. Provide full contact information and as much detail as possible to aid us in directing your request. Allow ample time for response. *Available for talk show guest requests and motion picture industry. *Subject to booking availability.