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Critical Communications Planning

Is your communications infrastructure ready to withstand threats from inside and outside of your business? Can you conduct secure transactions without local internet service? How will your business communicate during an emergency? These are questions you should be asking every year. Planning a strategic communication infrastructure can keep your data safe and ensure you can continue business during emergencies.

Emergency Communications

Emergencies can be short or long-term. Effective planning and policy means your business has an emergency communications plan, including how you communicate internally with employees as well as externally with the general public. Emergencies happen, from earthquakes to tornadoes. You need a plan of action to be prepared, respond and recover.

Our firm offers unique, efficient emergency communications planning expertise, including secure networks, mobile wireless data systems, and satellite solutions. Emergency communications equipment is affordable; we have even placed backup systems into small businesses so they can continue taking transactions when traditional landline telephone services are unavailable or disrupted.

Communication is key for business. Don't put off ensuring you have the ability to communicate in an emergency. Be prepared.

Public Alert Systems

Getting emergency information to the target audience as soon as possible is critical because lives are on the line. Public alert systems include delivering auditory and visual severe weather alerting, tornado warnings, disaster statements, and other special public safety messages. The widespread use of mobile communications devices means we now have expanded technologies to deliver media-rich public alerts to a wide variety of users.

Imagine an overnight tornado outbreak hitting a late night concert, full of people. How will they get the warning? What if the power goes out? Part of our critical communications service is working with your unique business to develop a custom emergency communications and alert plan just for you. We'll tell you the exact equipment you need and draft a plan of action with a team of experts and top industry guidance.

Climate change is expected to drive even more severe weather events, which means there's more reason now than ever to ensure you have a public alert system.

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