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Credentials & Venue Access

Where and when officially designated by the Storm Sector CEO or News Director, certain employees, contractors, and associates may operate in a press or journalistic role when appropriate to cover certain news, events, promotional opportunities, or other type of business operations not limited to area, county, city, state, or country. Storm Sector expects it's fully authorized employees to maintain all required documentation and identification materials at all times during press-journalism operations. Likewise, Storm Sector expects all agencies, departments, organizations, law enforcement, emergency medical, emergency management, fire, military, business, and not-for-profit groups to acknowledge and respect the role of a journal-press operators and the limited privileges afforded to such individuals who are involved in media operations. We ask for full compliance from all agencies, organizations and businesses in recognition of our authorized press status as well as the role of current media in our society today for site access, product access, press releases, scene access, anonymous information, security, lawful protections, privileged information, flow of information, supplying access credentials for events, venues, and not limited to planned and unplanned event access.

Our staff are trained to operate in a professional manner, using caution, common sense, and to respect scene integrity, safety, security, privileged information situations, as well as personal safety. Please contact Storm Sector management for issues, questions, lost, or stolen identification cards immediately. Agencies, businesses, and groups can check the ID and press status of a Storm Sector employee or contractor here. Unauthorized use of Storm Sector identification that is not issued by Storm Sector management to be used solely by the designated individual is a felony punishable by law.