Finding the right web development service for your business

Published: Sep 07, 2016 By: StormSector

One of the most important choices you can make involves which services you purchase for your business website. Unfortunately, many new and small businesses, especially restaurants, sign up for websites where they have no control over the content or domain name. In fact, if you don’t have control over your account password and username, it’s near impossible for web developers to work with your business. Here are some great tips to get started on your business website and steer clear of potential issues with support.

Account Control

The most important thing for a business owner involves control over the domain and content username/password (account). This account allows developers to create, edit, modify, and update your website content or change service providers. Unfortunately, many not-so-legit (and poor practice) companies look for small businesses and offer them a package that includes a domain name and pre-populated content. However, they usually do not supply direct access to any account information that would let the business owner change or modify the website.

Content Updates

When you have no control over your website, it’s hard to update it. The type of company we mention above usually has no web developers when you call to make a change, so you really have no control over your website. A good company will have dedicated web developer professionals that know how to quickly update your content or make technical code changes. Be sure that the company you go with actually has experienced coders!


The worst websites are inefficient, ugly, and cookie-cutter in appearance. Your customers can tell when your website looks like it’s something from 1990 (hasn’t been updated in content or looks in decades). A good website will capture your audience and provide meaningful information. Be sure that the website/company you choose will allow you or a professional coder to customize your business website.

Ongoing Support

Support is important, especially in a technological world. Things change quickly in the computer and network field. You should really consider a website company that has experts with experience in web administration and internet security. The best way to handle security and technological advances is to anticipate them ahead of time. Experts can ensure that your website and information is secure and that best practices are used.


Look for examples of work, don’t take a strangers word for it. A portfolio can help you review past work or current websites where you can see example work from the web development company. When you shop for a web development company, you want experienced people. Your business website can help or even hurt your business. This is why it’s important that you use experienced developers that utilize the latest standards in interoperability, visualization, and security.

We hope that you found these tips helpful.