Press Release: All websites require SSL implementation starting May 2018

Published: May 05, 2018 By: StormSector

Did you know browsers might start automatically blocking your potential customers from visiting your website if you don’t have SSL installed on it? Now is the time to make sure you don’t get your business website blocked. Technology is always advancing and it’s important for your corporation to stay current with information security standards. One of the most recent internet security trends is the mandatory requirement for websites to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. If you’re website doesn’t have this, you will now risk losing your position in search results as well as having your website blocked by many web browsers. We’ve issued this short brief to inform everyone of the upcoming changes.

SSL Standard

One of the most popular search engines and browser makers, Google/Chrome, announced that starting May 2018 websites would need to use a standard SSL implementation. Websites without this standard would lose rank in search engine results and potentially be blocked from loading in a web browser. Visitors may see a full page warning, blocking them from a website without this standard. Proper SSL configurations require expertise and range anywhere from $20 to $100 annually for corporate users.

Most certificate authorities are complying with Google’s standard for SSL certification. The idea behind SSL is that a secured connection is implemented between the customer’s browser and the web server. For customers, this means a more secure connection and better privacy, although it doesn’t eliminate all computer security risks. Other web browsers are expected to follow this new standard.

How long does it take to implement?

Storm Sector can deploy SSL certification to your domain hosting account within a few hours. We ensure you get proper installation and configuration with your server. It’s important that you maintain valid certificates for your website, which means renewal within the expiration period.

Is this mandatory?

Yes. All Storm Sector sites have been migrated to this new standard as of January 1, 2018. All new clients will be required to use SSL on any website we create. Not to worry, though. We take care of SSL certificate installation for our new clients. Leave the technical work to us!

What happens if I don’t get an SSL certificate for my website?

When people type in your domain name or visit a website, their browser will display a full-page security warning. Basically, your site will be blocked. We expect people without valid SSL certificates will also lose search engine and social media ranking. You may also be blocked completely from search results. Your website will also be considered unsecured.

If you have a website without the new SSL requirement, feel free to contact Storm Sector. Our industry certified experts are ready to help you with your information technology needs. Web design and development is our expertise. We’re ready to keep you current with the latest technology standards. Contact us for more information and pricing quotes.