Prices & Discounts

Check out our great low prices! Whether it's digital media, articles, restaurant menus, social media marketing, highway billboards, news media, expert science and tech consulting, content management, or web development, we give each project a unique touch. Our diverse expertise means that we also know how to maximize the effectiveness of digital media products. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, cash, and business checks. Personal (non-commercial) and business clients are welcome.

Digital Media Services

Our digital media service pricing...

Graphics Production$35/hr

  • Producing digital images by the hour for your business
  • Digital delivery of photos in JPG, PNG or GIF formats
  • Additional options available
  • *Minimum 1 hour service

Highway Billboard Art$259/each

  • Expert graphic design for one billboard
  • Specific sizing for the highway digital billboard
  • Delivered via internet/electronically
  • Additional (for cycling billboard advertising) design added for $149/each

Banner Design$60/each

  • Expert graphic design for one vinyl banner
  • On-site location of your choice
  • Discounted printing and grommets
  • Higher quality materials for outdoor banners

Photo & Video

Our photo and video service pricing

Enterprise Shoot$249

  • Up to 2 hours photo shoot of your business event, products, etc.
  • Digital delivery of photos
  • Additional options available

Video Shoot$99/hr

  • By the hour video coverage
  • Both commercial and personal events eligible
  • Digital delivery of video
  • Editing options available (unedited/raw)
  • *Minimum 1 hour service

Band/Personal Pics$79

  • Up to 1 hour of photo shoot
  • On-site location of your choice
  • Digital delivery of pictures
  • Can add time (additional fee)

Content & Management

Get affordable content and management for your website or social media account...

Writing Articles$35/hr

  • Expert author writes articles for your website or blog
  • Ghost license available or posted under experts real name
  • Online delivery via email or FTP
  • Additional options available
  • *Minimum 1 hour service

Dynamic Content Generation$49/mo

  • High traffic site dynamic content generation programming (PHP, etc.) for one website
  • Dynamic content is specially programmed to collect, publish, and be available in near real-time to your visitors
  • Delivered via internet/electronically
  • Requires FTP/website agreement and access through our web development services

Social Media Marketing$25/hr

  • Expert creation and management of social media advertising campaign
  • Includes setup and management of advertising platform (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Includes expert Photoshop resources
  • Additional options available
  • *Minimum 1 hour service

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services

Budget information and communications technology services pricing from Storm Sector...

ICT Consulting$175/hr

  • Certified expert consulting for science and tech businesses
  • Audit, analyze your business technology assets, staff, operating procedures, security, network, resilience, disaster planning, recovery, and efficiency
  • On-site and remote service delivery
  • Additional options available
  • *Minimum 1 hour service

*News Reporting, Story Contribution, Authoring, Talk Show Guest, Trade ShowTBD

  • Hire an expert to provide analysis about a news story or film
  • Live interviews, studio, radio, television
  • Hire an expert to represent your product of service
  • Extensive, high-level science and technology expertise
  • Over a decade of newsgathering, production, and distribution experience
  • *Minimum 1 hour service required

Motion Picture$225/hr

  • Hire a science and tech expert by the hour for your motion picture project/company
  • Great for obtaining expert advice, oversight, input for your project/company
  • *Minimum 1 hour service

Web Design & Development

Budget web design and development pricing...

Web Design &Development$40/hr

  • Expert design of web pages, graphics, HTML, CSS, PHP coding, HTML5 standards
  • Interoperable and responsive designs (industry standard)
  • Perfect for upgrading websites, new sites, new graphics, fixing errors
  • *Minimum 1 hour service required

Personal Blog$65

  • Get a website for yourself and share your thoughts!
  • One personal blog setup for Wordpress (easy to use for beginners)
  • Includes website setup, configuration, and search engine submission
  • Add $10 to get a domain (or use your existing for free)
  • Personal web hosting packages starting at just $59/year (cheap!)
  • Delivered via internet/electronically
  • Requires FTP/website agreement and access through our web development services (included free)

Server Support$45/hr

  • Expert DNS, mail server, Apache, SQL, PHP, SSL, FTP, Wordpress, Windows Server support by the hour
  • Great for maintaining servers, improving speed, patching, fixing errors
  • Remote telecommute anywhere in the world
  • Great for setting up/configuring email servers, web servers, optimizing, and maintaining security
  • *Minimum 1 hour service

Industry Standard

Our services are delivered by professionals with diverse industry experience, using the expert equipment. We utilize professional grade high-definition 30-60 fps video technology (up to 4K UHD), 12-35 megapixel captures, and high quality lens systems. Our graphics and video experts use the latest digital software to create awesome media. Storm Sector science and tech consulting services are backed by advanced education, industry credentials, and diverse real world experience. We are ready for business of any size and personal clients.

Request Our Services

We attempt to book service requests ahead of time, especially for larger events. You are welcome to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. Please provide the details of your event/request, including date, amount of people, whether it's indoors or outdoors, and any other details. We do offer flat rates as well as individual estimates for special requests.

Payment Options

To be competitive, we offer numerous options including per project, flat fee, and hourly rates. Some situations may require permit fees (example: federal parks, etc) which may be applied to client invoice. Our fees are in US dollars. We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, cash (USA only), and business checks. All online transactions are conducted using third party secure socket layer (SSL) technology to ensure security and privacy. Initial payment amount must be paid to secure service(s). See our pricing page for a standard pricing schedule. *Consultants are available by the hour or per project flat fee. Be sure to book ahead of time in order to secure an expert.

Need More Information?

Please contact us for specific information on pricing, discounts, professional consulting, project estimates, photography, video, writing, web development services, our staff, contributors, or other questions. Provide full contact information and as much detail as possible to aid us in directing your request. Allow ample time for response. *Available for talk show guest requests and motion picture industry. *Subject to booking availability.