News Gathering

Storm Sector offers science and tech expertise, ready to cover local, national, and global news. Our news services include technical writing, infographics, article authoring, live interviews, contributing roles, talk show guest, and analysis. We welcome online, television, radio, and print outlets. It's important to hire experienced experts that can give valuable high-quality insight into today's hottest topics and breaking news. Keep your audience informed and entertained. An informed public is a strong public. We are ready to support your news media needs with the latest news gathering technology.

Your Story or Project

We can help make your story more interesting, informative, and captivating. Expert perspectives can dig deeper, find overlooked facts, answer important questions, and better serve the public. News is always changing, which means it's important for experts to stay on top of and ahead of the latest global science and tech trends:

  • Computer & internet security
  • Wireless communications: smartphones, cell services, mobile data, radio systems, satellite
  • Public health & nutrition
  • Education
  • Air pollution
  • Disaster response
  • Small business economy
  • Emergency management & counter-terrorism
  • Severe weather
  • Environment
  • Climate change
  • Journalism

More Information?

For more information, contact us. Low rates are available by the project and hired flat rates. Use of our video, audio, and graphics content is subject to US copyright laws. You must have prior expressed permission from our company before using, modifying, or redistributing any of our content in any commercial capacity. Please allow ample time for responses. Be sure to include as much detail as possible about your request, story, film, or project.